In the eternal search for world peace,

Do note that still we are no gem.

This Passover: Yet remains, sans cease,

Besieged, old Jerusalem.

The current battle of the wives between the two leading Republican candidates, smells of a well-scripted conspiracy. During the Cruz-Trump battle for votes in Utah, a nude magazine photo of Trump’s model-wife was released among sensitive Mormons with a caption indicating the inappropriateness of such activity for a potential first lady.

The images are worth a thousand words

Supposedly independent of the Cruz campaign, that release came from one of those autonomous funding sources. Trump countered with an admonition for Cruz to be careful, or else he would release certain information about Mrs. Cruz. Had Cruz immediately denounced the ad and explained that it was issued without his knowledge, desire or participation, the matter most likely would have ended there. The fact is that he did not – and it did not.

The GOP leadership, apparently convinced that a Clinton-Trump campaign would lead to a demeaning defeat for the party, seems to be pondering these options:

· If Trump reaches the required number of 1,237 delegates, prior to the convention, then, it is game-over – he becomes the candidate.

· In that case, the party either can support Trump as its nominee or form a new party, with a different nominee.

· The split would mean defeat for both nominees, and an uncertain future for the Republican and whichever other party.

· If Trump does not reach the magic number by convention time, let the games begin! If he is leading, or even close, and they attempt to dump him, as Trump has predicted – in a word – there will be blood!

Curiously, even with the media, the controversy concerning the ladies has become one-sided against Trump. Anyone just entering the conversation would assume that it all began with Trump’s release of a side-by-side, photo comparison of both ladies. Gone from the discussion is the fact of the release of the nude photo of Trump’s wife and the failure of Cruz to denounce same – then, or now. Despite what may be Trump’s many transgressions, it is obvious that in this case he is being dumped upon unfairly.

From the beginning, the GOP, the media – and many of us out here – have been diminishingly dismissive of the Trump phenomenon. Whatever may be anyone’s negative thoughts about Donald Trump and his campaign, it must be remembered that this is a democratic process, and that Trump’s prominent position is sustained by a multitude of citizens freely expressing their wishes through the ballot. Those multitudes will remain quiet only so long as they are assured that everyone else is playing the game according to the rules.

***** ***** *****

The ladies of the men at war

Are part of what they’re fighting for.

If you say their name,

Then, you are to blame –

A lady is not like a whore!

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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