I am a Jap

I am a fag

I am a wop

I am a spic

I am a slut

I am a gook

I am a kike

I am a cunt

I am a Mick

I am a kraut

I am a chink

I am a nigger

I am a cracker

I am a Polack

I am a greaser

I am a wetback

I am hatred, fear, and everything that is WRONG

Part two:

I am gay.

I am Latino.

I am Jewish.

I am Muslim.

I am a woman.

I am a veteran.

I am an orphan.

I am a prostitute.

I am an immigrant.

I am Native American.

I am an African-American.

I am destitute and in need of help.

I am dying and can’t afford health care.

I am not any of those things AND I am ALL of those things...
and more.

I am an American.

And I will not support hate under ANY banner.

Jose Rosa

Jose Rosa

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