The Founders, where it all began,

Would applaud this march, to a man.

As they look about,

You can hear ‘em shout:

“Those things called, ‘cameras’ – let ‘em pan!”


The organization known as Democracy Spring has planned a march and demonstration for April 2 through 11. The march will form at Independence Square in Philadelphia, PA and proceed to Washington, D.C.

Democracy Spring is the umbrella designation for a growing list of over 100 participating organizations. It has a steering committee of an equal number of supportive, business and civic organizations.

The object of the Democracy Spring movement is to get excessive and unaccounted-for money out of politics; get rid of laws that inhibit voting by certain sectors of the community; and a host of other, government-spurring petitions, as fully enunciated in the movement’s website:

Once in Washington, D.C. the intent of the movement is to reawaken the protest spirit of the 1960-70s. There will be peaceful, but provocative demonstrations throughout that week, with the stated purpose of causing the demonstrators to be arrested.

Representatives of IFZ and Musical (MSC) will attend the kickoff rally in Philadelphia. IFZ and MSC began their association with and support of Democracy Spring through Douglas Hughes, the gyrocopter pilot who landed his machine on the capitol lawn in Washington, with the purpose of delivering letters to each member of Congress. Hughes and his big-money-out-of-politics push was immortalized in a video produced by IFZ and MSC, entitled, Superhero Autogyro. 

A centerpiece of the supportive, IFZ and MSC presence at Independence Square will be the stirring anthem for the movement, contained in a video produced by MSC. 

The lyrics:


Democracy for all

Is not an idle thought.

At Independence Hall,

Its values there were taught.

Those lessons now we spread

Throughout the fifty states.

They must be widely read

And hung on Freedom’s gates.

Let’s take the word

Forward, in our quest.

We must be heard,

And we must protest.

This land is ours;

It belongs to all.

Here, no one cowers;

No one takes the fall.

The eagle’s nest belongs

To all under its wings.

America writes songs

That everybody sings.

Democracy for all

Is what we proudly say.

And, it will be our call

On this and every day!


Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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