Douglas Hughes is the big-money-out-of-politics, gyrocopter pilot who deposited 535 letters to Congress upon the lawn of the Washington, D.C. Capitol.

Doug Hughes’s derring-do was converted into Superhero Augogyro through a song and video produced by Musical and IFZ.

Subsequently, this California-based writer was able to arrange a continent-wide, Skype interview with Douglas Hughes in Florida. During those 75 minutes of conversation, quite a bit of Doug and his now-alter ego Superhero Augogyro are exposed for our delectation. Whatever Doug does, or may do, the principal thrust of his mind, body and soul is to get the big money-controllers out of politics, and leave the individual, small contributor more in control of his or her destiny. Check the article for Doug Hughes’s own entry into the political maelstrom.

With his federal court case still pending, and now bereft of his precious gyrocopter, on April 2, 2016, Hughes will join with a host of others in sympathy with his and a panoply of related people causes. They will rally at Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, under the banner, “Democracy From there, they will begin a march that will culminate in Washington, D.C. Once there, they will mount days of demonstrations, speeches, performances and peacefully provocative acts intended to lead to demonstrative, for-the-cause arrests.

We have created another video that involves Douglas Hughes. This time, it is an anthem, a paean to the “Democracy movement, touching on the various themes that have united Doug and his activist cohorts.

All are invited to join the march or elsewise participate as suggested at

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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