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Newsflash Republican 2016 presidential candidates...the greatest threat to the United States of America does not come from hardworking Muslim-Americans or "South of the Border" undocumented workers who are chasing the elusive "American Dream" just like the rest of us who are the sons and daughters of immigrants and comprise roughly 98% of America's totally stressed-out, overworked and underpaid working class.

Subsequently, neither does the greatest threat to America come from President Barack Obama (Yes, President...why can't you address the man as President Obama?) who saved America after 8 disastrous years of GW Bush's reign of illegal wars, over-spending, high gas prices and vulture capitalism.


That said, arguably the greatest multiple threats to our nation's security and to our children's future is the conservative media's marketing and peddling of intellectual ignorance and hatred; the refusal by most conservative to honestly discuss racism, bigotry, sexism and climate change; our country's lust for guns and violence and last but not least congresses unflinching support for military spending and fighting endless wars.


On Saturday night, February 6, 2016, Americans who were interested in watching the last GOP debate before Tuesday's New Hampshire primary witnessed a slug fest between four out of the five GOP presidential candidates that reminded most viewers of a WWF Wrestling extravaganza.


Jeb Bush the once GOP establishment favorite, who is in desperate need of a top three finish on Tuesday in order to remain relevant to his high dollar donors, tried to look presidential although his constant denial of his brother's failure's as U.S. President and Commander-in-Chief makes him look totally out of touch with reality and therefore nullifies any trust in his judgement to hold the highest executive position in the world. Not to mention having his elderly mother tag along for moral support at his campaign stump speeches makes him look even weaker.


Then there was the "rumble in the jungle" between New Jersey governor Chris Christie and Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Christie who is no stranger to "heavy handed politics" exposed Rubio for being an "empty suit" who lacks presidential substance and relies too heavily on memorized "I hate Barack Obama" talking points. Although Christie politically "undressed" Rubio and metaphorically transformed him into a robot, the GOP southern / southwestern base hates him for embracing President Obama when the President came to New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy and will never forgive him for that "tactical error".


And then there's Donald Trump..." King of the Birthers" and reigning WWF Heavyweight Champion of the "Good Old Boy" Republican party "base", his non scripted insults and his lame promises to build 30-foot-high walls that stretches thousands of miles in order to keep out the indigenous people who were here 1500 years before his European immigrant forefathers came to the Americas is a living testament that ignorance, racism, bigotry and sexism never really dies but rather it just hibernates, long live "the king".
What's sad and totally unfortunate about Saturday nights GOP debate is that not one person on that stage adequately addressed the concerns of poor and middle class Americans who are often forced to work two and three jobs in order to make ends-meet. Not one Republican candidate addressed the implementation of economic policies that wrestles away Wall Street's control of our life that begins in the cradle and too often continues from the grave. I could be mistaken but not one GOP presidential candidate mentioned ending the out-sourcing of American jobs to foreign countries who pay their workers low wages.


The greatest mystery to Liberal voters is why would anyone in America's struggling middle-class vote for a political party that wants to take away affordable healthcare, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security and replace it with investments in Wall Street? you know what happens to your savings when Wall Street crashes?


Nor did one person on that stage seem to care that Americans are "bone tired" of fighting endless wars that only enhances the stock portfolio of America's super-rich 2%. Referring to dead and wounded American troops as "heroes" while simultaneously remaining silent when a Republican led congress slashes veteran benefits is an insult to American intelligence and it's an insult to the brave warriors who wear our nation's military uniforms.


And what's their plan to rebuild America's crumbling infrastructure? Is the privatization of water, air and earth the answer to ending the poisoning of America's poor and shrinking middle-class?


In the end the greatest threat to America isn't a media concocted bogeyman that seeks to destroy American "Freedoms" via the implementation of Sharia Law, nor is the greatest threat to America poor "South of the Border" migrant workers who are lured north by American farm owners who pay them cash "under the table". In reality the greatest threat to America is and has always been the teaching of indifference and intolerance coupled by the belief that "corporations are people", if you don't believe me just ask Mitt Romney.






Gregory Boyce

Gregory Boyce

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