The Circus Procession elephants


[After blowing off the last debate of the Republican presidential contenders; and holding a time-opposing, fundraising rally for veterans; then, inviting reporters aboard the fabled, gold-trimmed Trump Airship (with no explanation for same); then, schmoozing them to make sure they soaked up enough of the atmosphere to cloud the news of the debate; there is no way to discuss Donald Trump's superior showmanship, except as follows:]






Barnum and Bailey,

"Take a dump!"

Into your bailiwick,

Storms Donald Trump!

Giants of exceptional height have ye,

Surveying all from on high.

Despite what the measuring tape may see,

This Trump will make you cry.

As to your lions, with special skill,

Jumping through hoops and such,

Even with teeth and claws, they don't kill.

Sans whip, Trump would take on that clutch.

Elephants huge, you march about,

With your sneaky, pointed rod;

You guys ain't seen the elephantine clout

Exercised in the Trumpian pod.

The sideshow, for those who cannot afford

To enter the grandiose big tent,

Would be all agog, with Donald aboard;

They'd find their entrance-fare well spent.

And, if you think that little Tom Thumb

Could outshine the scene-stealing Donald,

Then, that proves you're dumber than dumb –

He'd leave the under-card puzzled.

The Bearded-Lady, he'd take her hand,

And lead her to the Human Pretzel.

He'd say, "I pronounce you Beard and Man,"

And give them a wedding Edsel.

Now, those who can afford the price,

Are in the Big Top, seated.

They're all through with throwing rice;

Ready are they to be feted.

The Clown Car enters – they all jump out.

Yes, they are all dissenters.

The Donald, it appears, is nowhere about –

Not under the hood or the fenders.

The ringmaster appears – all are aghast!

He's out to prove he's no Ronald.

He cracks his whip and whips off his mask –

Voilà! – He's The Donald!

New York Daily News Donald Trump clown

***** ***** *****

Yes, it's all been said about Trump;

We see, now, he's not just a bump.

Doubt him, if you dare;

He does not play fair;

He's out to show Donald's no chump!




Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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