Dr Martin Luther King jr


The Republican Party (one wonders why) still retains under its cacophonous tent quiet, sensible, intelligent and personable personalities such as Governor John Kasich of Ohio and Governor Nicki Haley of South Carolina. Proven within the gubernatorial milieu, they would give any Democratic presidential candidate a run for his/her money – and might conceivably edge out him/her in the Electoral College. This is particularly true in the case of Kasich; whoever takes Ohio usually wins the election. The fact that South Carolina is a big primary state would up the ante for Haley.


But no-o-o, don't look for sense and sensibility from the GOP when it is in primary mode. That is when the lions of racism, sexism and all the other isms are roaring with hunger, and must be fed globs of liberal red meat. Just when the dietitians seemed to be getting things in hand by weeding out the incorrigible crazies and feeding the others a regular diet of win-the-general-election food, up pops a Trumpfiant megalomaniac, who cancels all bets on well-balanced balloting.


The Confederate States of America (CSA) was willing to balance the survival of the U.S. against its own misguided and selfish wishes to sustain an inhuman (to others), but to them a comfortable way of life. In what has since become a polar shift in the philosophies of the two major parties, the CSA was of Democratic bent. The CSA was the culmination of decades of struggle between the North and the South. The latter intended to expand into the new territories its loathsome practice of buying and selling human beings and imprisoning them for a lifetime of unpaid, personal servitude. Their desire to maintain this abominable way of life was so strong that they extracted themselves from the compact they signed almost 90 years previously. When a president was elected whom they knew had a lifetime aversion to their despicable society, the CSA cut the cord and went for broke.


Today's Republican Party, which houses all of the remnants of the CSA way of thinking, still is dominated by that residual sentiment, to the detriment of the other Republicans, who seem not to have figured out that through the veins of their party still runs the vitriol-tainted blood of that decisively discredited long-lost cause. Perhaps even the infected ones do not basically realize the psychological reason for their unexplained and repeated seasons of discontent.


Here we are, half a century post-MLK, having used up 15% of this new millennium. We still cannot disengage ourselves from those goddamned, tainted mystic chords of (a bad) memory. That seems to be the only illogical reason for an otherwise astute Republican Party continually to mire itself in the muddy lakes of Mississippi-tinged primaries. This is done, knowing full well that, with the rapid shift in population variance, a candidate for the presidency can win only if his/her reach is able to span the extent of that new diversity.


***** ***** *****

A ghost from the CSA past

Was able to breathe, "free at last."

But, when that ghost heard

'Twas MLK's word,

It ran back, and sought shelter fast!



Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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