Trump and Putin


During Vladimir Putin's lengthy and ponderous end-of-year press conference, one surprising reference to the U.S. stands out. In response to Putin's opinion of the Donald Trump phenomenon, Mr. Putin was very solicitous and encouraging. That elicited a response from this writer: Oh, shit! Trump's ever-needy ego is gonna make him blow this one! Sure enough, this neophyte in proper international diplomacy and ethics failed to disabuse one of that expectation.


Seeming to want to fulfill the fancied prophecy in a dialog by this writer published by IFZ, Trump jumped right into the part. The piece assumes that Trump has made it to the presidency. It is the first day of activity after the inauguration. Trump is seated in the Oval Office, surrounded by lackeys, and barking out orders. His first order of business is to arrange a trip to Moscow for a face-to-face with Vladimir Putin. When informed that Air Force One is ready, Trump tells them to forget about that piece of shit and ready the more luxurious and comfortable Trump Air One. Somehow or other, the vibes from that fictitious dialog must have seeped into The Donald's synapses.


Then, there was another IFZ piece by this writer that outlined the real-life exploits of the sinister and dangerous U.S.S.R.-bred Vladimir Putin. There is no need for fictitious speculation about Putin; he leaves it all out there in plain sight. Although his moves are plotted at a sub rosa level, he makes sure that the outcome unmistakably is attributed to him. That method, while seemingly contradictory, serves two purposes. On the one hand, it keeps everyone on their toes, never knowing from which direction the Putin wind might be blowing. On the other hand, it demonstrates what will happen if you attempt to step out of the Putin line of sight. To the astute observer, it should be obvious that nothing Putin says or does is without calculation. Is Donald Trump truly astute? Let us see.


Trump is the original Birther. He led the legion of those Obama-haters who incessantly badgered the new president about his birth certificate. The phony assumption was that he really was born in Kenya. Donald and they haughtily thumbed their noses at the president's short-form birth certificate from Hawaii. This went on and on, ad infinitum. Finally, after one of Trump's diatribes, the president finally approved the release of his long-form birth certificate. This did not satisfy the ravenous Trump; he brazenly announced that he was going to send private investigators to Hawaii to root out the truth.


(Those Trump gumshoes probably still are out there, wandering in the wilderness, along with OJ's private eyes and the investigators appointed by Putin to chase down the perpetrators of that daylight murder committed in full sight of the Kremlin.


(While we are digressing, is it not curious that almost nothing has been said about presidential contender Ted Cruz, who was born in Canada, and until recently, held dual citizenship from both countries?)


Now, the Birther thing, while puerile and fairly entertaining, and did eventually become stale and annoying, is an integral part of American politics, dating back to: Parson Weems, the Apple Tree inventor of Revolutionary times. Well, Trump's being a Birther, combined with his other battles with fact and fiction, all seem to fit comfortably within the Overton Window. Where Trump went wrong was when he stepped through that window.


When a response was elicited from Trump regarding Putin's accolades, as a legitimate candidate for the presidency of the U.S., he had the responsibility carefully to respond to a statement made by the head of state of a foreign nation with which the U.S. has had a historically tentative relationship. To use a Yogiism, Trump, "came to a fork in the road -- and took it!" He could have offered no comment or simply say that was kind of Mr. Putin. But, no-o-o! Trump could not refrain from dumping on the presumptuous colored boy who was occupying his White House. He proceeded to calumniate the President of the U.S. by indicating that Putin, too, could see through the ineptness of the misfit who pretends to lead this great nation. Trump intimated that Mr. Putin's evaluation of himself (Trump) was indicative that he (Putin) is quite ready to deal with better-endowed Donald Trump rather than that refugee from the jungles of Kenya.


Sure, this translation is a bit over-played, but however you look at it, Trump's response is nothing less than sly treason!


***** ***** *****

"A builder," he said of himself;

"I put 'em up from roof to shelf."

As folks are concerned,

No kudos he's earned.

To them, he is naught but an elf.



Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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