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In the wake of the President's Oval Office speech, everybody and his brother has an opinion on how best to navigate the Ship of State" through ISIS-mined waters. Among the most vocal of these "opinionators" are four presidential candidates from the opposing party who are sitting U.S. senators.


First of all, let's recognize the, "elephant in the room." The U.S. is the strongest military power that has ever appeared on the face of this planet. If we applied that power to a given degree of its application, we could impose our will over any nation in the world. Within that context, the president's, "JV" comment regarding ISIS is quite correct. Despite its self-denomination as, "The Islamic State...," against a world power such as the U.S., it is a stateless, ragtag army of murderous thugs, without an air force or navy – or even effective surface-to-air missiles! So, what is the problem? The problem is that they are the annoying mouse; and we are the frikkin' elephant in the room!


ISIS is a smart mouse. The real enemies of ISIS are opposing sects within the complicated religion of Islam. The non-Islamic world is a target only as a device to create more adherents for ISIS from the peaceful 7th part of humanity that calls itself, "Muslim." Most of the people targeted and killed by ISIS are Muslims.


ISIS has learned to invade the very soul of the Western World by its mastery of social media. It uses psychology to control both Islamic and non-Islamic minds that either are religiously, politically or socially vulnerable to its siren call. That is the mouse's mastery of a maze that is beyond the sight of the ponderous elephant.


In his speech, the president made a half-hearted allusion to the fact that it certainly would be helpful if the congress pitched in and helped him at the helm of the "U.S. Ship of State." He should have ended his speech thusly:


"Tomorrow (incidentally, Pearl Harbor Day), I will call a joint session of congress. I will ask you through your representatives, to join me in the specific proposals I will present to counter the danger presented to this nation by the Islamic State..."


Those four presidential candidates who have been absent from their senate seats would then have the opportunity to take their high-flying oratory from the ineffective campaign trail to the well of the senate, where they could then back it up with personal commitment to a real vote for action.


***** ***** *****

The mouse and the elephant came

Together to play a fun game.

The damned little mouse,

From under the house,

Yelled, "I win – your size is to blame!"



Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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