ISIS ISIL Daesh or Islamic State


We can only hope that the French president's discussions with the U.S. and Russia will lead to a unified approach the international nihilism that threatens the stability of the planet.


Ever since these multi-acronymic, anachronistic groups began, several decades ago, we have been at odds on how to deal with them. Although their ideas may be way out of time, gradually their tactics have been adapted to modern technology – to the point that they are able to overcome the normal defensive measures of today's super-nation states. These states must now realize that, not only ain't this your grandfather's war, actually, it is your grandchild's war – and, by God, we had better learn to fight it as such!


There is no time for stirring, Churchillean pronouncements. The soul-stirring response of the President of France to the latest outrages, together with dumping angry bombs onto a year-old, ineffective bomb dump, may soothe the vengeful heart, but, practically, that ain't gonna do it no more! There is no time, even, for reassessment; that ship left the dock a long time ago. If, by this time, we are not aware of the real danger of the shrewd world menace in black hoodie and scythe, then, it is already too late.


Lincoln was so frustrated in trying to get McClellan and other reluctant generals off the dime, that he began to study battle-strategy books on his own. There ain't no books for that which confronts us! Instead of digressing into nebulous discussions about refugees, we had best lay aside cotidian differences and unite with other, willing nations in a strategy designed to rid the world of a fatal virus.


Obviously, large, standing armies in the field are out of the question, just as is saturation bombing. Without regard to international borders, cooperating nations must resolve to utilize to the fullest their capabilities as to intelligence and Special Forces. They must eliminate all commerce, income and banking sources of the enemy. A secure, international, multilingual information line must be set up with the directorate of the over-all operations. The task should continue until every vestige of this insidious cancer on the body of Terra Firma has been excised. An international review panel should be established to detect any recurrence of the disease. Additional malignancies similarly should be forthwith eliminated.


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When someone says, "You all must die,"

You cannot placate him with pie.

No stick-in-the-mud,

This guy's out for blood.

You've no choice – just send him "bye-bye!"



Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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