You know, it seems like just a couple of months ago I posted a rant about how Americans are becoming mean, small minded and a bunch of p####s when it comes to showing compassion to people from other countries who are in desperate need of help. That time I was talking about the children showing up at our southern border from Central and South America. Today, I need to do it for the refugee crisis in Europe.

I get it. Some Americans are scared by what happened in Paris last week. Hell, it was only fourteen years ago that we got hit by terrorists here at home. I said it back then (and no one listened) and I'll say it again now (with probably the same result) that our response to a group of fundamental fanatics who supposedly hate us 'for our freedom and way of life' had better not change one single thing in response to their actions. Because if we do - they won. It's that simple.

We better be willing to give up our lives to terrorist acts that aim to modify how we live because the simple act of even a minor change tells these jokers that terror works against Americans. And that is exactly what we did 14 years ago. We put locks on cockpit doors, we passed the (un)patriot act, we allowed our children and grandmothers to basically get sexually assaulted just to get on an airplane and thousands of other inconveniences both small and humongous. We basically surrendered.

Now, because some of you are still too scared to think straight, America should just give up on some of the fundamental principles that made this country what it is today? I really hope you folks will take a second look at what you're doing because not only is the thought of turning away people who honestly need help as a matter of life and death wrong, it's not who we are. Not who we ever were. And, I truly believe, not who we wish to become.

There is an embarrassing amount of you out there who think we should just take no responsibility in the current refugee situation. Even supposed responsible voices like some 10 Governors and several GOP candidates have said "no" to helping these people. Really? Do you honestly believe this is the America that's going to win any sort of public relations war of ideology?

First thing you people need to remember is the part this country played in creating ISIS in the first place. We invaded a country that had done nothing to us that could be considered provocation, under false pretenses, destabilizing the entire region by killing its dictator, then tossed hundreds of thousands of military trained and heavily armed soldiers out of their jobs because we wanted access to the second largest untapped oil reserve on the planet. And that created the vacuum that allowed ISIS to fester. Period. End of statement.

Now you folks want to make a policy decision based on unconfirmed reports that 'possibly' one or more of the Paris terrorists had a Syrian passport (not proven), 'possibly' appears to have gotten to Paris on the migrant trail along with hundreds of thousands of other refugees fleeing a brutal three way war. You claim that since it will be difficult to tell the terrorists from the real refugees then we should not allow any of them to come to America. What a joke! A bad, bad joke.

So, if they had been hiding in cargo ships, should we end international trade? If they came on student or work visas like the terrorists who DID attack us on 9-11, should we end issuing those visas? Why didn't we? Most of the ones I've read about were in Paris as tourists, does that mean we kill ourselves economically and outlaw tourism? Sure, that makes tons of sense.

Do you have any idea how many people come to this country as students, guest workers or tourists each year? Seriously, I'm asking because I have no idea. But I'm willing to bet that it's more than 8 (the number of terrorists who attacked Paris last week) or even 19 (the number who attacked us on 9-11) I'm even willing to bet it's more than 19 million people each year (Paris alone gets 15 million) By the way - ALL of those ways to enter this country are a hell of a lot easier than trying to come in through the refugee program. Think about that.

And for those who are shouting that we need to take care of our homeless vets before we take care of any Muslim refugee's - When was the last time you looked into the homeless vet issue. We already have lots of programs and shelters specifically for the homeless vet problem. But most of these guys are suffering from PTSD or other mental illness and are unwilling and/or unable to stay, participate, or abide by program rules. Yes. These unfortunate hero's should be, and must remain, a priority to the rest of us in this country. But we cannot force help on them. They must choose to accept the help that is already available. Besides, no one ever said that we can't do both.

I don't expect a stupid rant like this to change anyone's mind. I'm starting to think that's not really possible since most folks don't make up their own mind to begin with. They just regurgitate their media mouthpiece of choice and hide behind the un-considered opinions of others. Life is a lot easier that way.

UPDATE: I just saw a news update on CNN that our esteemed House of Representatives has passed a resolution to not take any of the refugees that we had committed to take. Even though France, Great Britain and other members of the EU still intend to accept them. The United States, a country founded by refugees fleeing from persecution, is going to slam the door shut. So, they win again.

So much for the concept of - "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breath free. The wretched refuse of your teeming shores. Send these, your homeless, tempest-tossed to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden door."



Eric J. Kiser

Eric J. Kiser

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