Vladimir riding a Russian Bear


Regardless of whether the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) did or did not bring down the Russian airliner, what is certain is that it has acquired Vladimir Putin as a mortal enemy. One wonders if they fully comprehend the significance of their act or stated complicity therein. They have just pissed off the craziest, vainest, most vengeful, KGB-trained, nuclear-powered national leader on the world stage, whose role as a serial assassin is an open secret!

Vladimir Putin is the product of one of the most deadly spy agencies of modern times – with emphasis on, "deadly". When his beloved Soviet Union fell, he licked his today-still-festering wounds and got involved in some crooked business-government affairs in Petersburg, then he discovered that his conspiratorial instincts were applicable in the new democracy. That started him on a clawing climb to the pinnacle of power. Woe be it to the mofo who attempts to tumble him therefrom! Putin has made it clear that, if you cross him (Sounds Trumpian, no?), he can be as vengeful as Lenin or Stalin. He brutally has punished former USSR satellite states who have had the audacity to confront his authority. When they send assassins after him, he shows he is capable of poisoning a whole theater just to get to them. Just ask the new Russian, "free" press what happens when they try to exercise that freedom. Nosy reporters are eliminated one by one, in elevators or wherever. It is always public, so that the message gets out. Remember that poor bastard, not too long ago, who was walking with his girlfriend in downtown Moscow? They offed him in broad daylight, in view of the Kremlin, where Vladimir might have been watching from a window. Why, Putin was so put out by this unseemly crime in his pristine neighborhood that he (O.J.-like) promised, personally, to head an investigation to track down the killer. You ISILites, do you even read the frikkin' newspapers (or digital equivalent)? There is no longer any pretense with Putin.

So, our friends of the Islamic State, were you so busy cutting off heads and burning people alive that you did not witness the military coup of the century (so far) in Ukraine? Putin took permanent possession of Crimea, a territory fronting an important seaport. He did it so deftly that the old British Empire would have applauded. It is a land that claimed so many of her soldiers and was immortalized in a poem. Do you think that pretending or actually bringing down a Russian airliner with a stinking onboard bomb is cute? Well, if your eyes weren't so covered with gore, you might have noticed how Putin's technicians, disguised as Ukrainians, surgically cut a Dutch airliner out of the sky with a precise surface-to-air missile. You guys are cave-dwelling pikers. You're gonna pay for your unsophisticated arrogance. Boy, are you gonna pay!

If you ISISies had any sense of military and political strategy, you would have understood why the Russian Bear went into Syria. You were not the enemy. By misinterpreting your role as patsies, you have now doomed your stupid asses. Putin only pretended to lob a few, odd bombs in your direction in order to mollify the stupid West. His only goal there is to save Assad's miserable ass and Russia's only seaport in the Middle East. He didn't give a shit about what you crazy mofos were up to. But, now, you've ripped it! Not only are you gonna be thrown in with those rebels who are fighting Assad, you're gonna be especially targeted. Don't confuse Russia with the prissy West. Those Russkies have no qualms about quaint niceties such as, "collateral damage." So, don't think you're gonna escape them by hiding among the villagers. He'll not only bomb you idiots, soon you'll find Cossack boots on the ground and up your ISIS asses!

In case one of you happens to run across a history book, don't be confused about the Russians who were kicked out of Afghanistan by U.S.-supplied, shoulder-to-air missiles. Putin wasn't in charge then – he is now! You had the West pretty much at a standstill, with all the confused fighting directions within Syria – and all the other sensibilities they have about war. Putin has no sensibilities. Not only will he join the West to eliminate you maggots in Syria, but look for East-West cooperation against you idiots in Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, or wherever else you thought you might be able to extend your godforsaken caliphate. You wanted war, ISIL? You've got it!

**** ***** *****

The Russian Bear was frustrated.

A range of food choice, he hated.

As he scratched his head,

"I'll help," a mouse said.

The bear said, "Thank you," and ate it!



Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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