Hillary Clinton's ready and heady, raucus laugh serves as an immediate icebreaker for her sometimes icy demeanor. It does her well on the stump and elsewhere. Recently, she has had a lot to laugh about:

• She won the first Democratic Presidential Debate
• Her leading competitor in the debate relieved her of one of her stickier campaign issues
• The vice president withdrew from the race
• A hearing designed to ruin her politically gave her eleven hours of uninterrupted, positive TV coverage on all three major cable news channels.


The hearing was the ninth of its kind, supposedly designed to enlighten the populace as to the murderous fiasco that occurred at a U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, about three years ago, and how to prevent a recurrence thereof. Instead, the opposition party's intent from the get-go was to use the event to cripple Hillary Clinton, the most probable Democratic candidate for the presidency.


Hillary Clinton as Joan Of Arc



Hillary Clinton is no Joan of Arc, but this committee went way out of its way in its attempt to create that illusion.


Just as that 15th century board of inquisitors, utilizing cleverly contrived language, attempted to elicit self-condemning responses from a woman they politically feared, so did this modern panel of inquisitors. The dismissive tone in their voices, as well as their body language, provoked scenes of a medieval courtyard, a pile of hay with a stake in the center, and impatient peasants standing around with lighted torches. Just as the confident Maid of Orleans calmly braved the vitriol emanating from the dais, so did the well-rehearsed Hillary. Just as Jeanne d'Arc used her accusers' own words to confound them in their infamy, so did Hillary gently hurl back into their teeth her panelists' own, corrupt utterances.


Saint or sinner, Hillary won the day. Had that panel, along with the others, limited itself to the proper parameters of what occurred and, "How can we prevent the same in the future?" they would have had a better opportunity to nail Hillary and the Obama administration on the political perfidy that they employed in announcing the Benghazi affair to the public. That advantage was thrown out of the window. In the future, all such inquiries can be directed back to the multiple, unfair panel hearings.


The line of questioning by one of the female panel members reached such a serio-comic point of absurdity that Hillary could not suppress a chuckle. The questioner was not amused by the levity. That was the only breach of otherwise very strict decorum on the part of Mrs. Clinton.



Apart from the bothersome bonfire thing, Hillary can be content with the fact that the name of her 15th century colleague in the docks has been burnished with sainthood and assigned to the archives of the ages. Hillary, of course, would be the first to reject any notion of sainthood for herself, and would be content with the simple title: Madame President.


***** ***** *****

Joan said they were voices she heard.
Hil': The voices of the absurd.
They both went their way –
Joan on matted hay.
Hil' thought, "Not so bad for a nerd."


Hillary Clinton Trey Gowdy pic says it all




Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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