House nigger from Django



*The term, House Nigger (HN), dates back to the time of slavery. HNs were the domestic servants who lived in and maintained the family residence of the estate owner. They, presumably, enjoyed relatively good accommodations and treatment. The HNs were distinguished from the, Field Niggers (FN), who planted and harvested from sun-up to sun-down, felt the lash occasionally, and suffered subsistence living conditions. The HNs, in order to maintain their more comfortable status, effected an obedient and submissive posture – which rendered them blind, deaf and dumb with regard to the family's affairs. The natural resentment from the FNs converted, House Nigger into a term of derision and disrespect.


Ben Carson and most African American, Republican politicians, have one thing in common: they have little or no support among the African American electorate. An outstanding exception is Colin Powell. Black folk can tell an HN as soon as he opens his mouth. Then and now, they never say anything that would displease or unsettle those to whom (for whatever reason) they are emotionally committed to the point of surrendering their individuality and self-respect.


Ben Carson goes along with all of the sub rosa and obvious racist allusions spewed by his cohorts. He aids and abets them in their attempts to block out the past, not to recognize that America's racial problems have been on a continuum since Europeans first set foot on this continent.


ben carson gay is choice


Dr. Ben Carson, apparently, is a well-respected and able surgeon. His knowledge and respect of science in the broader sense woefully is inadequate. He does not understand human sexuality; he believes that people have control over their sexual orientation. He also is at odds with his fellow scientists with regard to how and how-long it took us to reach this point of our existence. Also, he is at sea regarding the effect we have had on the earth and its atmosphere by the utilization of its resources. No doubt his fact-canceling conclusions are influenced by the deep religious expressions that seem to endear him to a considerable portion of the Republican electorate.


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There was an old doctor named, "Ben."
He clucked like an egg-bearing hen.
He entered the house
And covered his mouth,
Then, waited for them to say, "When."



Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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