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As far as I am concerned, the "debate" over gun control is OVER. I will no longer give credence to the obfuscators, faux-statisticians, so-called strict constitutionalists, NRA trolls and the plain ole gun nuts. Not a one of their arguments, for what they are worth, which is very little, counts against the toll. Simply put, enough is ENOUGH. The only questions left are what to do about it.


In every area of life, we pass Federal laws to "control" and regulate potential problem issues that affect a large portion of our population, the one and only exception being guns. This is one issue that desperately needs such attention, because the lack has caused and regrettably will continue to cause, the death and injury of so many. The why of it is a long, convoluted, dark tale of money, Anglo-Christo-race baiting and the most despicable kind of fear mongering politics, but that conversation is best left for another time. For the moment, we will look away from the "how we got here" and focus on the "What Do We Do Now".


The proliferation of guns in our country has created a bloody epidemic that takes many forms; suicide, murder (both individual and mass, crime related and political) and accidents, the vast majority of which are easily preventable.


This country made two huge mistakes, both of them in the not so distant past:


We allowed the 2nd amendment to be (purposefully?) misinterpreted.


And we allowed cheap firearms to flood our nation.


We must work toward moving back to the correct interpretation (the active word being "militia") and seeing gun ownership in the only way that makes sense, as a privilege, strictly limited to citizens who can prove responsibility.


And creating sensible regulation on a nationwide basis. Rules and laws that allow eligible citizens to continue to own firearms, but in such a way that responsibility and accountability is in place.


This brings us to The List:



  • Every owner licensed. Requirements include; no felonies, of legal age, must pass an accredited training course - if no other experience (military, police, etc.)


  • License to be renewed on a reasonable, but regular basis. I would think every four years does not place too heavy a burden while ensuring current eligibility.


  • License shown to access gun ranges unless accompanied by a certified trainer or will use the service of one employed by the range.


  • License shown to buy ammo. This would act as the means to ensure the licensing compliance. So, no need for gestapo tactics, just a simple no license, no ammo.


  • Every weapon registered. This applies to new sales AND existing ownership (collector exemption for weapons prior to WW2) No one will go door to door to enforce, BUT if someone is caught with an unregistered weapon, they will be charged with a crime.


  • Every sale including a universal background check and a reasonable waiting period. ALL loopholes closed, NO exceptions.


  • Ban anyone on the terrorism watch list from purchasing or possessing a firearm or ammo of any sort.


  • Every weapon covered by liability insurance or bond sufficient to cover traumatic injuries and deaths. The insurance companies will quickly become allies, as it will be in their interest to make certain ALL the regulations are followed.


  • Hunting permits only issued upon proof of license, registration and insurance.




  • Reexamine rules covering the ability to carry concealed weapons.


  • All firearms to be kept under lock and key. (This one is not about searching houses, but having a clear guideline as to responsibility if not. See next item)


  • If a minor uses a gun in a crime, whether an addition to the long list of mass shootings, or robbing a liquor store, or shooting a sibling, or shooting himself, the gun's owner will be held culpable.


  • If a gun is stolen and the owner cannot prove ALL precautions and requirements (see above) were taken, shared culpability.


  • Items like silencers and body armor strictly controlled and available ONLY to those who can show good cause. For instance a jewelry salesman has a reasonable expectation of armed robbery, so a vest makes perfect sense.All magazines would be capped at 9 rounds. Larger magazines, like banana clips and barrel drums, banned.

  • All magazines would be capped at 9 rounds. Larger magazines, like banana clips and barrel drums, banned.

  • Ban all bump stocks and anything that alters the rate of fire of any weapon.

  • All new ammunition laser etched with bar code and entered into the database including the seller and owner. This database would also alert if someone purchased an inordinate amount of ammunition.

  • End of inability to sue manufacturers and sales outlets for liability in appropriate cases.





There is just one tiny problem stopping any or all of this from becoming implemented: for ANY of that to happen, corporate (in this case read National Rifle Association) political funding (Citizens United, et al) needs be reversed. So we need a concentrated effort to reverse the Supreme Court rulings that have devastated our politics by creating the ability for corporations to legally buy our politicians. This obviously has effects in many areas of law and the functioning of our ever since disabled political system, but the most counter-sanguine results will be the start of reversing the flow of American blood that has become all to routine.


Of course there will be many who oppose even the smallest of these changes. I don't care anymore and the rest of us shouldn't.


Enough is ENOUGH.


Enough is Enough





Jose Rosa

Jose Rosa

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