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Is it proper to choose a president of the United States based upon the equal-opportunity concept? You bet it is!


What brought about the creation of equal-opportunity statutes? That's easy – a lack of sincerity and commitment with regard to our centuries-old, flag-waving with regard to America's being a land of liberty, equality and justice. Despite the beautiful poetry of the Declaration of Independence, after the British Colonies became states, nothing changed on the human-equality scale, to wit:


• White men without property were kept out of the franchise for various periods of time.

• Women would have to wait 230 years.

• It took a bloody, internecine brawl to bring about the 15th amendment, which granted the franchise to former male chattel.

• Although Native Americans were granted citizenship in 1924, it was not until 1961 that they were able to vote in all states.


Of course, refusal of the right to vote was only one of the affronts the Founders perpetrated against their lessers. American history is replete with social, sexual and racial outrages.


When we finally got our heads on straight, we attempted to balance the scales. After pulling most of Jim Crow's teeth, we finally made it possible for a man of mixed blood to be elected to the presidency. If someone voted for him just for his blood, so what? That had been the practice since George Washington. At least, this one was not embarrassed by buying and selling human beings, and imprisoning them for a lifetime of unpaid, personal servitude!


Now comes Hillary Clinton, one of the most accomplished women in the world. For the second time, she is vying to be president of the United States. The shame of it all is that her candidacy still is considered a novelty. Of course, there are many men and women eligible to be president. So, if there are those who, still considering her excellent qualifications, want to vote for Hillary simply because of the fact that she is a woman, then, by God, let it be so. We certainly have had the unique history, up to this point, of electing presidents specifically because of the fact that they are NOT women!


Tuesday night, Hillary proved her mettle within a muddle of men reaching for the same mighty ring. If she finally does make it to the Oval Office – although some may have voted for her simply because she is a woman – none will be able to say that she achieved something she did not deserve. She will have gotten there because the uneven scales of opportunity finally were balanced in her favor.


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There once was an ol' gal named, "Hiil;"
She had a pursuit to fulfill.
To those who said, "No,"
She said, "So's your bro' " --
And, "How d'ya like my strut, Bill?"



Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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