John Boehner Great Pumpkin


John Boehner, the lachrymose Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, immediately after having accomplished a years-long attempt to have the leader of the Catholic Church deliver an unprecedented speech before the Congress of the U.S., abruptly announces that he will resign his seat, effective around the Halloween festivities. He suggests that House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy should succeed him.

Representative McCarthy of California, unknown on the national stage, turns out to be a political lightweight who frequently finds it difficult to utter a simple declarative sentence in the English Language. On an occasion when he did speak clearly, he caused a political tsunami within the Republican Party – and a joyous exhalation among the Democrats. In a TV interview with Sean Hannity of Fox News, McCarthy energetically allowed that the now-long-in-the-tooth select committee to investigate the Benghazi occurrences was established for the purpose of wounding Hillary Clinton, should she seek the presidency.

Even after seeming to have become a pariah among his peers, McCarthy's ascendancy still appeared to be a done-deal. The media were expectantly in attendance outside the closed doors of a meeting of the forty or so members of the House Freedom Caucus, where ostensibly McCarthy was to have been endorsed in his bid to succeed Boehner. When the doors were flung open, a smiling Kevin McCarthy emerged with the announcement that he was withdrawing from the Speakers contest. All hell broke open! Just before this, a curious letter was circulated among the House members. It cautioned that anyone whose post-5 p.m. activities could not hold up to scrutiny should not seek the speaker position. Even more curiously, soon thereafter, a rumor was circulated about an extra-marital relationship between Kevin McCarthy and Congresswoman Renee Elmers. It seemed curiously insignificant at the time, but when McCarthy was smilingly announcing his withdrawal before the assembled media, oddly, he called attention to the presence of his family. In fairness, to date, no one has challenged McCarthy's stated reasons for his withdrawal.

What has all of this got to do with Louis Farrakhan and the Great Pumpkin? Well, Boehner is known for his orange-tinted pallor; and McCarthy is from California, the home of the O.C. (Orange County) and the bridge with the golden hue. That takes care of the pumpkin, but what about Farrakhan? That is not the end of the pumpkin references – or Farrakhan.

Remember the Tea Party? It did not just slink into obscurity. It is Halloween-costumed as the above-mentioned House Freedom Caucus. It is further embodied in the personages of Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson and Donald Trump. The purpose of the Tea Party is to oppose Barack Obama definitively, with the intention of embarrassing him and de-legitimizing him as president. The Tea Party had become so negatively branded that it had to go underground. That unholy clutch of House members responsible for government shutdowns and the like, merely changed its name. The presidential candidates just do not mention that name.

Barack Obama's election caused panic among the residual racists within the moneyed classes and the Republican Party. They took note of the gender, age and ethnic-minority coalition responsible for Obama's election and -- instead of doing the politically savvy thing of pursuing those same groups – they set out to hobble their ability to exercise their due franchise at the polls. Republican-controlled state legislatures conspired and issued bills that would gladden the hearts of the Dixiecrats. Their aim was to make it as difficult as possible for those offending classes of people to vote. Some of those laws collapsed under court challenges, but others remain. The Tea Party, which emerged under the patina of grass-roots, actually was underwritten by racist Big Money. Ergo, the strategic withdrawal of the stained nomenclature. The financial support is still there.

Louis Farrakhan addressed crowds on the Washington Mall, celebrating the anniversary of the Million Man March. Baked within Farrakhan's high-flying and sometimes fantastical rhetoric, is a solid kernel of truth, too-often muted in our embarrassed, national conversation on race. Farrakhan fills in the uncomfortable scenes of history that we leave blank. That is why, although race is the underlying factor in the House leadership crisis, there is no mention of same in the news reports. Why? Because, under the direction of the Big Pumpkin, everyone is festooned in festive disguise, just in time for the Halloween Hijinks!


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A nation with secrets untold,
Allows untrue myths to be told.
The Great Pumpkin said,
You could lose your head.
"Don't bother me now; I'm too old."



Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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