Kim Davis mug shot

Kim Davis, Clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky, was jailed today for refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. She is in defiance of a general U.S. Supreme Court ruling; her own governor's ultimatum to issue or resign; and appeal losses to a local court and the U.S. Supreme Court.

County Clerk Davis was so adamant in her refusal to issue same-sex marriage licenses, that she suspended the issuance of marriage licenses, period. Her rationale is that, in so doing, she could not be accused of discrimination. With the clerk thus washing her hands of the tiresome matter, marriage license-seekers could just go shop around among the rest of the counties in the State of Kentucky.

Although all governmental officials, both local and federal, are required to sign an oath upholding the Constitution of the United States, Ms. Davis maintains that her particular belief in God supersedes all of that
constitutional folderol. Under the circumstances, it would be useless to point out to her that the Constitution is completely in accord with the exercise of her religious beliefs, but that it should not be done within a governmental context. Likewise as useless would be the admonition that she is not compelled to issue marriage licenses; that she could resign her post and move on, thereby avoiding any legal conflict whatsoever. But, no, she remained and refused to issue those licenses.

Ergo, Ms Davis is jailed, until she agrees to comply with court orders. Those directly affected by the clerk's obstinacy want her fined instead of jailed, fearing that would confer upon her unwarranted "victim" status. The judge disagrees; he says her $80,000 salary would make that impractical; plus, there was the almost certainty of her followers being able to raise whatever fine he might impose.

Ms. Davis fails the test of professed, Christian beliefs. While she was refusing marriage licenses right and left, to one and all, it is revealed that she, herself, has utilized the privileges of those same licenses four distinct times! With her so brazenly courting Satan, could she be using God's name to support a more visceral emotion than, simply, "God wills it so"?


cross and the constitution


***** ***** *****

As they slowly led her away,

Someone gentle was heard to say:

"Please send her a pizza."

"That's not quite right," the soft voice pled;

"You heard not well that which I said --

"Render unto Caesar!"



Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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