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"America has always needed a Super Hero and a Villain; it's the reason why television wrestling is so popular". – TheodoreW.

Without a shadow of a doubt The United States of America is a very complicated country with a convoluted history. Protected by the girth of both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and by a collection of underpaid uniform-wearing-patriots who proudly serve their country, often under great stress and with little complaint, it's safe to argue that the United States of America is a nation that's protected by the Grace of God, natural barriers and by the courage and unselfish service of a few good men and a few good women.

Bonded by a "ride or die" mentally that quickly transforms itself into a stronger-than-steel comradery, U.S. service members, police officers, paramedics and firemen could easily teach American politicians a lesson or two on how to successfully work together as members of a diverse team whose objective is to better serve the greater needs of all Americans.

The problem is most American politicians aren't interested in fixing what's broken until they receive the final blessing from their financial benefactors aka "The Invisible Hand".

There's absolutely no question that in the United States of America "The Invisible Hand" has access to every politician who has once-upon-a-time in their political career accepted a substantial amount of money and gifts from powerful campaign donors.

So why would anyone act surprised when they learn that it's indeed the super-wealthy political donors aka "The Invisible Hand" who are the puppet masters that hide behind "the red velvet curtain" and... with a greedy-evil grin, make the puppets [elected officials] dance?

In 2012 when Republican Mitt Romney unequivocally proclaimed during a political rally that "corporations were people", he spoke the simple truth.

Ancient European history proves that ever since men who wore togas figured out "the game of politics" and made a lengthy and wealthy career of it; the obsession for money, sex and power has always held more sway over elected officials than the vote and "the will" of the proletariat [the people]. As long as corporate money is allowed to influence elections, votes will be for sale to the highest bidder. {Hello U.S. Supreme Court Justices....are you listening?]

It's only when the proletariat [the people] unites as one collective voice do politicians momentarily forget about doing the bidding of their benefactors. Call it "God's will" or Karma, historically; a righteous social movement can never be ignored.

From the very beginning of the creation of The United States, the super-wealthy have always manipulated state and federal government in one way or another. It's what they do for sport and for economic gain [dominance].'s no secret that in the year 2015 very few Americans, regardless of their brand of sociopolitical beliefs, don't trust politicians to honestly govern in a manner that fulfills "their needs" and the needs of the country.

It's widely believed in America that most laws that are passed aren't passed to protect the unalienable rights of each citizen to pursue their own "slice of Liberty and Happiness pie", but rather they're passed to fulfill the needs and wants of Big Businesses and special interests groups that are willing to spend a whole lot of money to ensure "their points of views" are being debated and ultimately being "addressed".

From where the average American "serf" [peasant] is standing, it appears that the Status Quo that governs our nation's institutions of political power is quite comfortable with their own personalized "retirement plans" and aren't in the least bit interested in changing it.

Indeed, in the minds of millions of voters who are constantly battered, besieged and nearly broken by "the game politicians play", it's all about fake smiles, kissing babies, shaking hands, taking pictures, and making lofty promises, and's all about the politicians "getting paid".

So..."What does an American voter have to do to get some satisfaction in the upcoming 2016 Presidential elections"?

For millions of voting Americans the answer to this rhetorical question has become as clear as a bell.

American voters who are tired of being "played" by the status quo have had an epiphany, no longer are they willing to vote for the typical "Brand A" or "Brand B" politician who gives them nothing but empty promises and more student debt.


The Donald


In coffee shops, college dorms, man caves, office break rooms, union halls and bowling alleys throughout the United States of America, the phrase, "Vote for Brand C" is dominating American conversations. Rumor has it that now Oprah is endorsing "Brand C".

It's been revealed...what America needs is a Super Hero who can magically erect 100 feet walls surrounded by a moat that's full of man eating piranhas and crocodiles that stretches over 2,000 miles long. Guaranteed to keep "job stealing Latin / Mexican immigrants" away, it's a sure bet that violent crimes will dissipate to record low 1955 Leave It to Beaver levels.

What America needs is a Super Hero with super vision and super intellect that can change the U.S. Constitution "at a glance" whenever the rules begin to favor "less desirable people".

And yes, America is definitely in need of a Super Hero who isn't afraid to tell the lame-stream media to shut up and sit down. Additionally America needs a strong leader who is willing to look European allies, Arab oil moguls, Chinese bankers and would be Russian czars straight into their eyes and tell them emphatically, "You're fired" !!


Richie Rich


What this semi-satirical explanation for the "2015 Summer of Trump" , has been alluding to from the very beginning is that according to "the polls", what America desperately wants [not need] is the grown-up, egomaniac version of the cartoon, Richie Rich, to lead our very complicated Republic, with its convoluted history, in a very complex world; and the Super Hero's [cartoon's] name happens to be Donald Trump.

In closing, America has always loved a hero who also happens to be a TV star. Don't laugh...Ronald Reagan was once thought to be a political buffoon and he sold Baraxo Soap before being elected the 39th President of the United States.

So what does the latest "polls say" American want? A tag team wrestling match between "The Don", Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders? Don't count out the ticket, anything is possible when television ratings are involved.

"Trumpmania"'s real, catch the wave... the media is depending on you. Am I lying? Think about it.




Gregory Boyce

Gregory Boyce

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