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Recently, the bodies of 71 presumed Syrian refugees were discovered in a refrigerated truck in Austria. Apparently, the truck had been driven across the border with Hungary and left abandoned on an Austrian highway. It is reported that 4 arrests have been made. This horrific incident highlights a problem, the extent of which, Europe has not experienced since the aftermath of World War II.

In the U.S., our never-ending political season has degenerated into a preposterous discussion of a fantasy border fence between us and a friendly, peaceful country. Responding to a real and immediate invasion of displaced souls from North Africa and the Middle East, the European Union (EU) has come up with something that would raise put-upon-feeling fencers into spasms of ecstasy:

Last December, the EU launched a half-trillion-dollar system for the control of uninvited immigrants. It is called The European Border Surveillance System. It employs a combination of satellites, drones and radar. The system is controversial because of its discriminating efficiency. It allows refugees either to be aided, intercepted or excluded from entry. Salivate on, you feisty fencers!

The current European refugee flood began as a trickle. The Arab Spring ran into four constant seasons of Jihad, culminating in the emergence of ISIS. People began fleeing from North Africa by crowding into unstable ferry vessels, in an attempt to reach Italy. Hundreds of them perished in the Mediterranean Sea.


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After those escaping the war in Syria had overwhelmed the hospitality of neighboring Jordan and Turkey, Europe became a natural outlet. These were joined by other minions attempting to escape the unremitting evil of ISIS. Europe's response is a mixed bag:

· England, with its prophylactic channel, has refused to get involved. It even has done battle on the Continent with those who attempted to gain entry through the Chunnel.

· Germany is the Emerald City for those on this sallow, sick road. But, Germany is divided. In a reversal of its World War II experience, the damned are now streaming into Berlin and other cities of the current Reich. They are overwhelmed, and the nationalistic tactics of their grandfathers are now coming to the fore. Refugees are hounded, harassed and humiliated – both verbally and physically.

· France already had its hands full with its internal Muslim problems. The current refugee incursion only exacerbates things.

· Smaller European countries quietly are bearing a relatively greater burden of the influx of humanity.

Continuing the WWII references, again, we are snoozing, as Europe begins to burn. The Market has snapped back, and we are rejoicing over a 3.7 something or other. Not even the economy seems to be on the minds of our percolating politicians. A besieged Europe is utilizing a people-control system based upon the latest technology, while we are talking about a goddamned useless fence – and comparing its supposed effectiveness to a wall built over 500 years ago to deter Barbarian hordes!

Great Wall



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Humanity still ebbs and flows.

As it does, our ignorance grows.

Fortunately some

Learn to chew their gum

While balancing upon their toes.




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