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The GOP standard-bearer with the empty flagpole, Donald Trump, has adopted the byword Making America Great Again. Others, furiously running behind him, trying to catch up, want to attach to the empty flagpole a Republican standard with their own version of what it will take to make America great again.

What a crop of retrograde idiocy! Abraham Lincoln, the first president elected under the Republican Party label, would express it much more sagely and tolerantly:

As I said at Gettysburg, we were establishing one, terrible battle site as a monument to those there resting, who had sacrificed their last measure of devotion in that long struggle toward the "greatness" of America that began four score and seven years previously.

So, you see, you modern-day Republicans, that was just step 2 toward greatness. Greatness is not easily come by; it is more than just a word. With the Founders – those lucky hypocrites who bet their lives and savings upon blatant lies – greatness applied to themselves and their own ilk. In order to sustain their greatness, they had to siphon the life-force from:

· Unfranchised, landless White women and men

· Peoples purloined in chains from another continent

· Native peoples whose land was needed to frame that greatness

That was step 1, modern-day Republicans. You can see what a long road it would be to achieve that greatness of which ye speak. Just as your party's founding president had completed the second phase toward greatness, tragically he was removed from the scene. This ushered in a phase 3 century of contradictory and still-hypocritical advancement toward that greatness of which you speak.

There were two tracks. Track one was pretty much the same as it was with the Founders. The other track – well...

· The literal chains had somewhat been removed from the extra-continentals

· Men could now vote – some more frequently than others

· Women could vote, too – but, Baby, they still had a long way to go

· Native peoples now were citizens and – if not completely landless – they still were on their asses


That was stage 3 toward greatness. We are now in stage 4. Let us see what we have done:

· We are still on the road – but we ain't there yet

· Our legal system is as close to our extra-legal Declaration of Independence as it has ever been

· The Congress still cannot bring itself to approve an Equal Rights Amendment

· Some of the native folk have been able to convert faux sovereignty into sub rosa, mob-directed, money-making machines – while others still are out on their asses.


american to rebel flag


Nevertheless, stage 4 still brings us closer to the greatness of which ye speak. By the way, you are not really modern-day Republicans. The Lincoln Republicans are now Democrats. You are the remnants of the Confederates, those loathsome Democrats who attempted to smother Baby-America while still in her crib! Don't even try to start defending yourselves by pointing out the Halfrican residing in the White House. Even before he took the oath, you had begun conspiring on how to unseat him by freakin'-again skirting the voting laws – while heaping upon him all the dog-whistle, racist invective imaginable from your still-unrelieved, tortured, mini-hearts and souls!

You who want to make America great again are still caught in the Founders' illusory bubble. America constantly – albeit slowly – has been on the track for greatness from the very beginning. Apart from the protracted litany of charges against their rightful sovereign George III – as set forth by the Founders in the Declaration of Independence – the poetic prolog was right on. It was mere promotional fluff to cover their perfidy, of course, but dammit, since then the righteous vox populi has been attempting to ram it right down their hypocritical throats!

In this new millennium, phase 5, we are as close to greatness as we ever have been. The U.S. is the prince among nations. Under the aegis of the American Eagle are people representing all the nations of this planet. No longer are we embarrassed by professing one philosophy to the world while practicing another at home. No longer are we the Ugly American dictating to our lessers. We now have the cooperation of the advanced nations – even those with whom we are in direct competition. We no longer – at the drop of a hat – seek to solve every international problem with our own blood and treasure. The more we distance ourselves from our murky past, the greater we become.


2016 Republican presidential candidates


You myriad, Republican, presidential wannabes cater almost exclusively to a constituency vainly groping for a mythical American past of greatness. That will fare you well, on a regional scale, for awhile. Unless you break that unholy, unhealthy and un-American trend – no matter how many candidates you may field in the future – none of you ever will reach the presidency.

***** ***** *****

There are among us those who cast

Great thoughts of longing for our past.

"Wasn't it that way?"

"No," we must all say.

True "greatness" is that which will last.

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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  • What the hell does this even mean? "making America great again". When was that particular moment when America was great? When we were forcing Indians on the Trail of Tears? When we wouldn't let women vote? There have been moments when a group of Americans have done great things but I cannot think of a particular moment when we were perfect. We have always had flaws and we need to recognize that, that's how we can become better, by realizing we have made mistakes and strive to be better in the future not reminisce about some fuzzy moment in the past.