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Former President Jimmy Carter is a study in contradiction. The incongruous informality of the name is the first impression. How could/why would anyone calling himself Jimmy be running for the presidency of the United States. As slowly it is revealed,

Jimmy is a hick, peanut farmer from Georgia. Again, how could/would this shit-kicker from the sticks even contemplate leading the most powerful (and most hypocritical) nation ever conceived on this speck of sand, blissfully floating somewhere in the middle of everything?


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Of course, James Earl Carter is all of that – but, so much more! He most resembles Abraham Lincoln in temperament, intelligence, honesty, humility and humanity:

· Temperament – Both able to control their emotions enough to allow for the free flow of information.

· Intelligence – Both able to process information holistically.

· Honesty – Both tell painful truths, but softened with considerate wrapping.

· Humility – Both able to appreciate their personal equanimity within the species.

· Humanity – Both appalled at the lack of recognition of equanimity within the species.


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When Jimmy, his wife Rosalynn and daughter Amy moved into the White House, many were scandalized because accompanying them was the woman who had been taking care of Amy. She was African American, a convicted murderer(ess?), paroled from a Georgia prison! This was but the first of many offenses to rankle the racially sensitive of the populace. Shortly thereafter, they got their second jolt, when Amy was enrolled in the overwhelmingly Black Washington, D.C. public school system.

In-the-closet racists were betrayed. There was a time they could depend upon good ole boys from the South (Bilbo, Mississippi; Long, Louisiana) to do their apartheid bidding, whilst they remain lily-white pure of the bigot stain. Startlingly (for them), they were betrayed in this regard by Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. Accordingly, each of these Southern presidents was chastised for his betrayal.

The Original American Sin is so ingrained in our society that, regardless of the individual's non-adherence thereto, he/she still is stained by it. Thus it was with Johnson, Carter and Clinton. Abraham Lincoln provided a good model for them. Jimmy Carter as a child in rural Plains, Georgia, early discovered that the skin color of his playmates did not separate them from his humanity. This remained with him through school, the military and politics. It was not easy, of course; this involved a lot of silence, gritting of teeth and looking the other way. But, in the end, the soul survives. In Carter's post-presidency, it grows and glows.

Apart from exposing the stench of racism among us sinners, Carter also brought to light the insincerity of the so-called Religious Right/Conservative Christians. It is well known that Jimmy Carter reads a Bible verse before retiring. Until very recently, he was dedicated to teaching Sunday School. His Christian betters, of course, revile his liberalism. They accuse him of being everything but the spawn of Satan. The namesake of their religion would find this calumny familiar.

Jimmy Carter was undone by that mixture of the Shah of Iran, return from Paris of the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeni and the takeover of the U.S. embassy in Teheran. The coup-de-gras was the failed attempt to rescue the embassy prisoners. The Ronald Reagan people, seeking to close off any avenue for a possible popularity resurgence, made a deal with the Iranian devils not to release the prisoners until Reagan had been inaugurated.


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Despite the humiliations heaped upon Jimmy Carter when he was president, there has been no end to the encomia for his post-presidency. Carter has stridden the world stage as a humane avenger of all the ills that befall the human race. The Carter Center in Atlanta has tentacles of good will that extend all over the globe. His and Rosalynn's support and participation in Habitat for Humanity has given that worthy organization an extraordinary boost. With all of the world travel and unending speeches, Carter has managed to be a prodigious author, as well. He seems to produce a book at the drop of a hat.

Jimmy Carter has reached the age of 90. Recently, he was diagnosed with a metastasized cancer. After an operation, he says all is fine, and falls right back into the fray, which he apparently feels is a part of his holistic cure. Atta boy, Jimmy – go get 'em – 'cause, they're gonna keep after you! Yes, yes: Bless their little pea-pickin' hearts.

***** ***** *****

An old peanut farmer called Jim

Appeared rather backward and dim.

A stranger said, "You

Are the Jimmy who...?"

"Oh, I just did that on a whim."


James Earl Carter



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