Trimp as knight


Once there lived Donald the Terrible and his trusty war-steed, branded, Trump. In the ancient land of Republiana. Donald and Trump are feared by one and all – not the peasants – the vainglorious knights who struggle among themselves and the feared Donald to gain control of Republiana.

It was the custom in Republiana for the vainglorious knights to meet at a certain time and place and joust with each other in order to determine who would be their proxy to compete with Democraciana for control over the region. The attending knights are known to derive from the class of the most ego-driven of the land.

Even though Donald derives from the mercantile class, he is known to have dabbled among the knights during jousting time. Although the vainglorious knights are ego-driven, they never were concerned with Donald – whose own ego is legend – because he never evinced seriousness at the games. Donald and Trump did arrive at the current jousts; however, not much attention was paid to them. Had not he always appeared, kibbitzed a bit, and then been off in order to bedevil others of his class? Not this time! Upon this occasion, Donald announces that he is serious about joining the joust. The vainglorious knights exchanged knowing smiles, saying, Aye, surely... – then, went about their business, savaging each other. They were not aware that, on the way to the joust, Donald and Trump toured all the villages of the land and garnered the favors of many of the peasants. When the vainglorious knights began to doubt Donald's seriousness, he would call for his peasant followers to show themselves. Still, the knights are not convinced of Donald's seriousness; but, as a precaution, they begin a campaign to diminish him in the eyes of the peasants. When still they doubted, Donald decided to take definitive action. He told himself: These sons of mutt-bitches think they know of, "ego" – ego-schmigo1! Let them now learn the meaning of true megalomania!

As Donald, astride trusty Trump, continues his affairs among the merchants, the defaming comments the knights make about him reach him through his spy network. The enraged Donald would seek out the hamlet of the offending knight, then proceed to berate and shame his kith and kin. Unaware of the extent of Donald's embedded megalomania, the knights continue their calumny against him. One by one, their respective hamlets begin to suffer irretrievable shame at the hands of Donald the Terrible and his besmirching-war-steed Trump. Thinking that public disgrace would bring Donald to his knees was the bane of the vainglorious knights. The more they derided him, the more he would ride against them – asking no quarter and extending no mercy.

Thus it is at the current jousts in Republiana. Donald has returned, with a goodly net of peasants in tow. The vainglorious knights, in their infamy, now are convinced of Donald's gravity in contesting all of them. They now know that mere slights against Donald the Terrible will be met with all the fury of hell. Ergo, they are beginning to temper their approach. They are beginning seriously to consider the possibility of conferring upon Donald the honor of bearing their standard when they shall be required to joust with the representative knight from the neighboring region of Democraciana.

The vainglorious knights of Republiana have learned to respect the truism: Do not mess around with any mofo with a bigger ego; a bigger steed; a bigger bank account; and who – by his own judgment – is more beautiful than anyone of you ugly, sons of mangy curs!

***** ***** *****

Donal the Terrible is he.

Revenge keeps old Donald busy.

He spotted a knight,

Almost out of sight –

Hurled an invective quite pithy!



Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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