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After the Republican presidential debate flare-up between Donald Trump and his Fox News inquisitor Megan Kelly, he was being interviewed by CNN's Don Lemon. Trump described Megan Kelly's debate-host mood as seeming to have blood coming out of her eyes. Then, either Trump-wittingly or not, he added, and maybe somewhere else. (Sound the alarm – another earthquake, tsunami, twister!) And so it was.

Today, in Atlanta, there is a conservative convocation called The Red State Gathering, to which many leaders of the Conservative Movement are invited, even Donald Trump – until, peremptorily, he was dis-invited by the convocation's shepherd, blogger, radio host and author Erick Erickson. Red State had requested a clarification of Trump's CNN remarks. With no clarification forthcoming, Erickson announced that he could not allow such blatant, sexist comments to stand, and regrettably was forced to withdraw Trump's invitation. This is akin to Beezebub barring his identical twin from their birthday celebration because the twin is basically evil.

Donald Trump and his coterie must be rolling around on the floor in stitches, unable to contain themselves! Just when Trump was beginning to pick up some negative press because of his outspokenness in the debate, here comes along Erick Erickson, noted defamer of women; blatant homophobe; climate-change disbeliever; virulent racist; disbeliever in science and evolution. This places Trump in the enviable position of being the victim of a most heinous, irredeemable, indefensible, hypo-hypocrite! Erickson, a Fox News associate, in the past, has been rebuked by Megan Kelly, Greta Van Susteren and male colleagues at Fox News, for knuckle-dragging remarks he made in a Lou Dobbs interview. Erickson cited the female role in the animal kingdom as a model for women. Basically, in revised language, he echoed the timeworn, sexist, old saw about keeping women barefoot, pregnant and confined to the kitchen. In his blog and radio broadcasts, he has been even more expansive:

· Related women speakers at a Democratic convention to The Vagina Monologs

· Supported the golf-club ban on women

· Said that some women are too ugly to get a date

· Calls homosexuality a sin

· Said the tazing of hippy Wall Street protesters made his day

· Disdains those who worship science and evolution

In an attempt to clarify his remarks on the Lou Dobbs show, Ericison said that those protesting his opinions should not get their panties in a wad.

As if adopting the role of the pot addressing a besmudged kettle were not sufficient irony for Erick Erickson, he tacked on to his rejection of Donald Trump from the Red State summit that, with his (Erickson's) wife and daughter in the audience, he simply could not abide having on the stage an unrepentant believer that women's problems are hormonal! Then – (yes, even then) – he invites Megan Kelly, his harshest critic, to replace Donald Trump on the righteous Right State dais!

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There came along a Viking son

Who thought that man and beast were one.

A quick scan of his mind

Revealed much left behind --

That lots was left, yet, to be done.

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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