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My questions, kept simple with only a yes/no answer requested & required:


1. Do you accept the scientific estimate of the earth's age?

2. Do you acknowledge the human impact on the earth's environment and weather?

3. Do you believe in the total separation of church and state?

4. Do you believe corporations have the same rights as citizens?

5. Do you acknowledge that torture is anti-American?

6. Do you support equal rights, across the board, for ALL Americans?

7. Do you believe it is the obligation of government to educate its people?

8. Do you believe it is the obligation of government to ensure that all of its citizens have access to healthcare?

9. Where do you stand on supporting women's' health and access to contraception and abortion?



And a few more in depth responses to these:


1. What is America's responsibility and position on the world stage?

2. What constitutes a threat of "clear and present danger"?

3. How would you handle the current financial situation?

4. Please describe what the following terms mean: theocracy, oligarchy, fascism, communism, socialism, democracy.

5. Where do you stand in regards to the legalization of marijuana?

6. Where do you stand in regards to assisted end of life medical care (i.e. assisted suicide?)

7. What would you do about corporate welfare (i.e. subsidies to big agra, pharma & petro)

8. What would be the criteria for information kept "secret"?

9. What basis should be used to determine the Defense budget?

10. What is your position on the Second Amendment and how it applies today?


And finally: why should we trust a single word you say?


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Jose Rosa

Jose Rosa

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