Donald Trump says that John McCain is no war hero. He went further by denigrating the fact that McCain was captured. In breaching the subject of military service, Trump opened himself up to questions as to why he himself did not serve. He mentioned deferment after deferment and a bone spur in the foot. Not remembering which foot, he referred his questioners to the archives. As any fool can plainly see, this scenario is a death knell for a presidential aspirant. Trump may be completely consumed by his egomania, but as his dubious-numbered billions do attest, he certainly is no fool.

It seems logical to assume that The Donald would enjoy –as he now does in his Trump jet – circling the globe in Air Force One, cutting business deals for U.S.A., Inc. The rest, of course, would be a time-consuming bore for him. Ergo, the question of his escape from presidential contention is merely a matter of when he tires of the game.

It appears Trump may have underrated his brash appeal. Entering the contest on a racist note got him plenty of attention – both praiseworthy and condemnatory. A few lost ducats he can deal with; but on the other hand, tapping that deep vein of American racism is heady stuff. Seeming to vibrate harmonically with the bigotry he unearthed, Trump decided to take a ride on the big dipper. It appears, though, that all of this attention may be exceeding expectation. There is good attention and bad attention. Trump is accustomed to yes-man affection, and only complimentary chit-chat. However, as a candidate, together with the adoration of the crazies, he must also undergo the spurns that patient merit of the unworthy takes. The matter of having to respond daily to disrespecting queries about oneself quickly can become tiring to a self-consumed soul.

So far, Donald Trump's outrages hardly have evoked a blip of comment from his fellow presidential aspirants. He is well aware of how politically tricky it would be for them to rile his intra-party supporters. After shooting to the top of the polls, Trump may have been even licking his chops and anticipating the rollicking time he would have upon the debate stage. With this latest outrage, as it might happen in the world of bullion-asses, The Donald may have reached his limit. He might have said to himself, "Trump it; I'm outta here!" – knowing that his desecration of a sacred idol would bring down upon his head the desired fire and brimstone needed for a quick, unceremonious exit.

This is a bit early in the game for Ross Perot-like self-destruction; but, this is The Donald, with reputedly more billions to bet in the game of silly, political Monopoly.


***** ***** *****

A billionaire-bluster named "Trump,"

Decided to play in the dump.

'Twas fun for awhile;

He practiced his guile –

Then, gave it all up with a thump!



Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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