ARISTOTLE: Socrates, Socrates! Every time I come here, you pretend to be dying.


SOCRATES: (Startled, drowsy) Did I miss the hemlock again?


ARISTOTLE: My vision about the Greeks in that 21st century continues.


SOCRATES: What are those tiresome, future Greeks up to now?


ARISTOTLE: Well, they are still meeting in that Paris, and the so-called European collective is coming down hard on our Greeks.


SOCRATES: So, what's new? Do we get any better treatment from the Macedonians and the rest of the lower orders that surround us?


ARISTOTLE: It is pure disrespect there, in the future, Socrates. They are requiring that our Greeks submit to the very same demands they voted down, before that Paris conference.


SOCRATES: So much for democracy --- and we thought we were giving the world a gift!


ARISTOTLE: Well, that gift has turned into a Trojan Horse for us in the future.


SOCRATES: Please, please --- leave the Trojans out of this. I can sustain only so much agitation at one time! By the way, what did that Alexander kid and his boyfriend Hephastion think about the future, same-sex-marriage thing you mentioned?


ARISTOTLE: They laughed uncontrollably, and found the whole thing quite queer. They wondered, why on earth one would want to spoil the delights of love by saddling it with the tedium of marriage.


SOCRATES: I see you have taught them well (snickering), Aristotle.


ARISTOTLE: Apparently, some obvious wisdom gets lost in time.


SOCRATES: Just ask those future Greeks of yours. Speaking of time, we have wasted a lot of it. Where is the hemlock!





This is third in a series. See the first two here:


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