ISIS (What a project)

Do these ISIS fellas, and I use the term "fellas" purposely, as I don't see any females anywhere, just a bunch of guys wearing face masks when they are on tv, think they are making positive points?

What's with these face masks? Bad complexions, keep from sun-burning their faces?

Beheadings, burning to death in a cage of a POW? Rape, pillage and plunder. Sounds like many centuries ago. And I think that's what they are trying to achieve. All I see when viewing this and their philosophy are a bunch of thugs trying to dominate the world. Not going to happen.

It's too bad George Bush screwed up the middle east when he left a vacuum after the invasion of Iraq. I roll on the floor with laughter and amazement when I see him after he landed on the American aircraft carrier with a huge sign in the background that reads "Mission Accomplished."
Just what mission was he referring?

Dealing with ISIS will take concerted effort from the whole world. Shut down their bank accounts everywhere, hack whatever web sites, social media (yeah I know for a fact it can be done), and stop the potential influx of ISIS volunteers flowing into what looks to be the biggest entry point through Turkey.

Does Saudi and it's gulf neighbors have a solution...bombing everything that moves in Yemen? Preparing for a ground assault. I don't know.

C'mon world wake up! These ISIS dudes and their buddies are a serious threat to the entire planet.


Tom Hedges

Tom Hedges

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