In partitioned corners of Charlie Palmer Steak House located at 101 Constitution Ave. NW Washington, DC, and the Bistro Bis located inside the Hotel George, on 15 E. St. NW Washington, DC., there have been several sightings of teams of top Republican Think Tank strategists conversing in hushed tones with top staffers from several prominent 2016 GOP presidential hopefuls.

Huddled together at tables and inside booths, what appears to be a harmless get-together between professionals and friends, is in reality a converging of political assassins who are dedicated and sworn to abruptly stopping the surge of media interest in Senator Rand Paul, Kentucky's favorite "Wildcat", Libertarian and adopted son.

To say that Senator Rand Paul is a thorn in the side of "Traditional Republicans" is akin to saying that the Bubonic plague that scourged the people of Asia and Europe in the 14th century was only a "mild inconvenience".

In terms of social-political ideology, few would disagree that Rand Paul who endorses the tenets of Objectivism, individual rights, laissez-faire capitalism and Isolationism "connects" much more with Republican Yuppie voters and their conservative voting Hippie parents / grandparents than those who regularly tune in to the political rhetoric of Lindsey Graham, Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush.

And by the way, a conservative-hippie isn't an oxymoron, at best guess there are tens of millions of Americans who smoke pot, ride Harley motorcycles, drive a SUV, listen to Led Zeppelin, are professionals, read the novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand, aren't "bible thumpers" and still faithfully vote "Republican" for various reasons.

In contrast, Traditionalist Republican lawmakers who vehemently endorses the continuous "feeding" of the U.S. Military Industrial Machine, the involvement of U.S. troops stationed strategically around the globe, and most importantly, strongly endorses the political pampering and cuddling of America's elite 1%, best represents the tenets of American economic-classism.

Metaphorically speaking, Rand Paul represents the "Republican Pepsi Generation" and his Traditionalist Republican colleagues represent the rich and powerful "Republican Viagra Generation".

A protégé of his father the former Libertarian U.S. Presidential Candidate / Republican Senator from Texas, Dr. Ron Paul...Randall Howard Paul aka Rand Paul, is a younger, smoother more sophisticated representative of American Libertarianism than his father, but don't be fooled by father and son comparisons between them and American actors and father and son, Henry Fonda and Peter Fonda, deep down inside in the sense of social and political philosophy, Ron and Rand Paul "wear the same suit".

Rand Paul's interpretation of the U.S. Constitution as it pertains to "American Freedoms" has been neatly packaged and presented to millions of enthusiastic young and not so young Republicans who hate big government, tire of endless and nonsensical wars, hate taxes and want the freedom to exclude whomever and whatever they want to from their life and their business should they choose to.

Quite frankly, when the "rubber hits the road', its Rand Paul's growing popularity within an otherwise shrinking Republican base that scares the bejesus out of Traditional Republican lawmakers and the billionaires who fund their election / re-election campaigns.

On May 31st when Senator Rand Paul opted to use a senatorial procedure that guaranteed a two day delay of vote in the Senate regarding the extension of certain sections of the Patriot Act it forced at the stroke of midnight June 1, 2015 via sunset clauses the end of what Paul deemed to be the federal government's illegal and intrusive phone tapping of millions of American citizens.

His defiance of "Big Brother" sent shock waves across the offices of fellow Kentuckian and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as well as across the graves of former U.S. President Richard Nixon and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.

It was as though Elvis had just performed his best Vegas act, looked into the crowd, bowed and dropped his mic as he walked off stage.

In the street vernacular of 2015 and 1967, Senator Rand Paul  has "dissed his homie" and "stuck it to the man". It's even being whispered that Chuck D. from the rap group "Public Enemy" gave Rand Paul a "head nod" of approval.

Such a coalition of admiration is a threat to the Old Republican Guard and all their "friends" who invest heavily in military hardware and police equipment.

The "Lone Wolf provision," and the "Roving Wiretap" provision of Section 215 of the Old Patriot Act is now gone, thanks to Senator Rand, and some unexpected help he received from a few Liberal organizations that vehemently oppose unsupported government wire taps of American citizens.

In its place is the new and improved USA Freedom Act. The new law which was passed on June 2, 2015 by both the Senate and the House and signed into law by President Obama severely restricts the Feds ability to arbitrarily wire-tap Americans phone lines.

{Somewhere in Russia Edwin Snowden is dancing an Irish jig}

So, looking at the political "big picture" and the need for the Republican National Committee Chairman, Reince Priebus to whittle down the 2016 GOP Presidential Candidate "playing field" from a zillion to perhaps just 10, this is an important / sweet political victory for Senator Rand Paul and his Libertarian crusade; my advice... savor the victory sir, it's a sure bet that traditionalists who fly the Republican banner and their paid assassins are regrouping and launching their "counter-attack" on Elvis, errr...I mean you Senator Rand Paul.

{But like Elvis, and Eric Snowden, Senator Rand Paul has left the building}.



Gregory Boyce

Gregory Boyce

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