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supreme court is Illegitimate

We have just gone through an excruciating few weeks. It was not a political one in the normal sense but more akin to a contact sport, where every spectator was physically affected. It has brought misogynists and chauvinists out of every nook and cranny and made some women feel as if ALL men are the enemy, although in their hearts they know better. But any reasonable man knows they have more than the right to feel that way.

Let us evaluate what just happened…

Put aside for a moment the fact that the only reason they wanted HIM was

1.  He is their “get out of jail free” card

2.  This means the beginning of the end for women’s rights. In other words their base will finally be assured the end of legal abortion.

Put aside that the Supreme Court will now go about systematically dismantling every step forward we have made since at least the 1950’s.

Yes, even put aside Dr Ford and all the other women and the highly believable charges of heinous sex crimes, who were most definitely themselves put aside.

The single fact that makes this person an illegitimate Supreme is the FACT that he was not properly vetted. That the Trumpsters hid documents, rode roughshod over the hearings and made a sham of the FBI investigation.

While the hearings were still going on, I was willing to hear all sides with an open mind. When Dr Ford came forward, my instinct was to believe her, BUT as I believe in due process and the need for evidence in ALL things, I withheld final judgement. When the call for a thorough  FBI investigation got louder, I had a brief hope that truth would out.

But when the wrinkled old white male troglodytes grudgingly allowed a “short delay for a limited investigation”, I KNEW the fix was in.

With a vote not based on evidence, bum-rushed through and obviously only in the interests of those who would destroy all forms of democracy, the Supreme Court of the United States is now undeniably an illegitimate branch of what, once Trump stole the election is an illegitimate government.

There is now only ONE LAST CHANCE to save this nation; an outpouring of voters so great that it will overcome all of the Republicans attempts at cheating as usual, bulldoze Putin’s shenanigans and sweep BOTH houses of Congress clean of those who have besmirched it so vilely.

I for one, do not want to hear one more peep playing democrats and progressives against each other. Not one single word. We are at the brink and there is no more room for the bullshit where we spend energy fighting each other. The Primaries are OVER. It is now time to get behind each and every candidate that is opposing the vile disease that has infected our system. We must make our friends get out and vote. We must volunteer for campaigns. We must donate whatever we can. We must DO everything we can. We must win.

Because the thought of losing this one is beyond imagining.

Jose Rosa

Jose Rosa

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