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Beautiful melodies
promise promise
the truth
mud mud
burn book
riders riders
the collection on the river
climb to the sky
look at
at the horse run
in waves
Know how
knife knife
talk about
to her
of the ports
shake but say
beloved hustle
caught in circles
horses stand up
every hour
hear hear
that's that
repeat together
books in hell
study strictly
early start
repeated words
murmured in progress
of interrogation
Good intuition
silent silence
still so still
Back to back
surface fly
during the exploration
enter into
Let's go
put all
down down
to bring
All things
down down
flame among others
side side
follow the flame
crying watch
& mortis
confront the circle
tell me
count on
count count
work work
on numbers
like Prague rabbi
follow after fact
Enter in
body body
night night
count on
burn out
days on the end
I feel
for this
move around
to dark days
sorting stones
hear the story SURRENDER
count on
surrounded by haunted begin
before the breath
to sing

Christopher Barnet

Christopher Barnet

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