Religion (or not)


A true story, with a preface on religion's impact upon civilization

   PREFACE to the final part:  This true story of a 1960's child who is physically, mentally and sexually traumatized by religion reflects, in my opinion, a significant underlying factor for why Donald Trump is headed towards  becoming the 45th president of the USA... despite Hillary Clinton having amassed some 2.5 million more votes.  Such abuse, rampant within religions, rises to an international  public health crisis that critically impacts civilization's capacity to learn, and functionally adapt, from challenges such as those encompased by the Selective Exposure Theory.  These and associated, group-reinforced issues can cloak themselves as nationalism, patriotism, "One Nation...

The Difference between Atheist and Christian People

Take one minute and forty-two seconds to watch this video: Crazy woman at Target Chances are you have already watched this. It was all over the news a month or two ago and it has splashed over social media since....

The Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

It’s so hard to see how Christians react to Atheism. Hard to see, hard to watch, and very hard for me as a person to experience and feel. I have noticed an overwhelming hateful trend in people who claim to...

The Truth Seeker

Dedicated to the pioneers and martyrs of the Freethought movement in the United States.

It has been a long, ongoing and seemingly never ending battle to defeat those who would have a theocracy in place of our democratic republic... But never, ever give up the fight and one day we will have a truly...


תמיד להקשיב לאמא שלך

      A young, Hebrew lass, Soon to be wed, Woke up all aghast, Stark, in her bed. Fear not, came a voice, There is no harm. It's time to rejoice! There is no alarm. ...

Happy Atheismas

Season for Reason

Regardless of what holiday you do, or do not celebrate… we at Idiot Free Zone wish the best to you and yours in this Season for Reason!!!  


Merry Christmas

    My Musical SoCal colleague Tommy Dodson and I are delighted to pass on the merry wishes of our melodious muses, as represented in the below lyrics, and as sung by Tommy Dodson.     HUSH, IT'S...