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KEEPING BUSYJuly 4, 2017 Mimi liked the Phillies. She would sit in her chair in the living room and listen to every game on her small transistor radio. But her hands were never idle. As she listened, her hands were ever busy, crochet and needlepoint always making something. Most of her creations ended up as gifts for some occasion or another, otherwise we would have run out of room for them all.This was a busy household. Roland once lamented in a letter that between Alan’s motorcycle, Bill and Sarah’s models and other projects, he had been run out of his...

leg's long walk lll

legba calls out


Musical Entity, Devoted to Stage, goes Video

blues for Billy & Olga

miraculous tongue

light’sinstant disorderat side deformed miraculoustongue endless incurable secret stares& weepsto serpent& stone slave alwaysslave goatgoesgets throat cut shadow within shadow disappearingmaps mind combinationcollidinginto curves silencewithin silence comeconséquent return to regionof remembering beg moonsave skin sorrow suspendsstrings in sightstand becomeblade baptizedin...


wait for me

twigstellfurnacecutting throughtime's remnantscorpsescrushedat feetdriftsacrifice ramto monkeygodsweepwithin frameby framefirestormsensemind'smurdermiraclecall outcrybelovedwait for meout on mesashare skinwith windhear outezekielheknewnabuchodonosorhourbeforehourssomewhere in sewersexalting in excrementtastetwigbetween your teeth state towards see ifitpossible askif you havearrived at end of time dance as wavebeloved dance as wavebeloved but...

Wisconsin Photo Blogger - Spring is for the birds!

Time to get busy! Nests to build, broods to hatch.

In late winter there's not much color in the midwest. The ladscapes are fifty shades of gray covered by white. Then... Spring! Color returns, birds add both visual and auditory stimulation. It's great to be outside and not freezing cold....

voyage à cythere

man is a chasm

voyage à cythere oncoming flames obeyomens matter manufacturesroar crycome to cage whisperwith condemned manis a chasm crashing against anotherbeginning & end down to earthdownto centre of earth blind& bound register tears startanother arrangement endsof world pull close too close colliding...


bird’s dreaming

dead rememberflameashdreambird’s dreaming forestfears deadremembering washwaterwith tear's ferocity you forgotsouvenirof shadow’ssorrowwearingrobe of ash hangingfrom horsethroatfullof bloodspraying into sea thinkof thronesword book being bracelet burningtumor talismancrows catch angelsannihilatenumberswithoutnames absolutebeing oneor other night nowsofatigued fatiguedso fatiguedshadowsencircle hourhorse’shour clouds carrytumultof hours hoursabsolutehorse’shours sea...


pour Bénédicte

1.step first step from stoneto stone singsadness underblack sun beautifulebony body 2.feetonground legbalifts footafterfoot beatbeating brownearth burningmelodies at firstsosilent then so much noiseso much noise miasmaintomiasma you cannotdance nor tunetorsoto higherfire to higherfire legbanoliar inhigherfire 3.ruinsof wind wreak pathravaged seas...

Rechnen ll

pour Étienne Balibar

smashstem under footnothing morethan distanceevaporates from graverememberearth skyburning sheetsof skin tornpages handsbehind back timetrawledfrom deep blessingground nothingbut blessing feettouchsoil or sea everythingevaporates run blood houroverwhelmed by omens passages climb sleepsoul ancientmattermelody between us bridges between bridgesspit momentsthroughreeds bodyseamssewn bile doomeddamnedfurnace...

into ice

sleep at last

into ice beingburies souvenance drag horsefrom holewith your teeth& fine strandsof hair inherittongue afterupheaval processionof light hand heldflame in oceanof thorns whisperdemise dead divulgeequationpromiserun run runas nightscollide stay inside shouldering shadowsperfectperish another absoluteanimalsoffer to our sad speciesafter upheaval centrecollapses belovedspecies...


Still standing

depth'sdepth papa legbalet us lookshallowgrave i beburied for sometimenow cureburned alivecurse'sbody broken hauling thisbody through hauntedpassages strangelystillstandingupstraight paperspeeling offskin afterskin layerafterlayeryou knew you knewserpent so strongunder my skinso soit is sungtonight studio so beautifully melodyforgottenwhen moonmurdered when moon murderedlegbaold manlost...