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mouth mufled

from lips

mouth mufledin glassgrinding again& again whenwhispering red rivuletsrun from lips& tonguetouching manhood untilit spillsas a fountainat my feet lightbelowlight skinendless sheetsee through what we werein those placesof refuge bloodrunningrivuletsfrom lipsbeautiful lips smearingbelovede's visage magnificent mask viper'svengeancestill speaksto charactersin clay who crodhere who who who crowdhere serpents cannot sleep sacred secondsdefiled in detailman ô man what were we nightupon night lamentation'slabor fealtytofearbeloved &greyhorsegallopingin veins comecrunch sharsin mouth& murmur murmurlife's bloodburning bath & bed viper'svirtue ordainedin fervor to be to be ferociousconstantly carryout trial of trials belovedstayas other flesh flees ambushedby angels disguisedas raptors revivingspace within what breath leftin gainin grain in...


Musical Entity, Devoted to Stage, goes Video

Wisconsin Photo Blogger - Spring is for the birds!

Time to get busy! Nests to build, broods to hatch.

Wisconsin Photo Blogger - Things are breaking up around here

False spring and ice & things.

It's been a long dreary winter here and frankly I've had enough of it. I'm ready for something different. I shouldn't complain, it's not like it was when I was young and winter meant snow and cold guaranteed. These days...

voyage à cythere

man is a chasm

voyage à cythere oncoming flames obeyomens matter manufacturesroar crycome to cage whisperwith condemned manis a chasm crashing against anotherbeginning & end down to earthdownto centre of earth blind& bound register tears startanother arrangement endsof world pull close too close colliding...

Body political

For Billy Che, who remembers everything

This body-of-mine is political. This body has been falling apart since 2005. This body-of-mine remains immensely strong. This body-of-mine remains & a beautiful 'chose'. It is necessary to understand that the first experience of the body, for the poor, is...


Jose Feliciano touts Braille while touring

At a pre-arranged meet-and-greet, prior to his concert on February 18 at the Poway Performing Arts Center, guitarist/singer/composer Jose Feliciano mingled with attendees and guests of the San Diego Braille Institute. The meeting, which included admission to the concert, was...

into ice

sleep at last

into ice beingburies souvenance drag horsefrom holewith your teeth& fine strandsof hair inherittongue afterupheaval processionof light hand heldflame in oceanof thorns whisperdemise dead divulgeequationpromiserun run runas nightscollide stay inside shouldering shadowsperfectperish another absoluteanimalsoffer to our sad speciesafter upheaval centrecollapses belovedspecies...


Still standing

depth'sdepth papa legbalet us lookshallowgrave i beburied for sometimenow cureburned alivecurse'sbody broken hauling thisbody through hauntedpassages strangelystillstandingupstraight paperspeeling offskin afterskin layerafterlayeryou knew you knewserpent so strongunder my skinso soit is sungtonight studio so beautifully melodyforgottenwhen moonmurdered when moon murderedlegbaold manlost...

exquisite melodrama

parable to tell

buster keatonto bethrown around spaceby loving father who knew goodact when hesaw one other daycoming territoryself exquisite melodrama who went beforecommittee crying clearly you drinkingnectar on balcony watchingwith will you have parableto tell that promisedto partner who came herefirst namein...

Wisconsin Photo Blogger - Recent, Random Observations

Recent, Random Observations from Wisconsin

With June coming to a close, I feel like the spring we look forward to so much in this climate was gone in a flash. Winter lingers, but spring pops up and makes a rapid passage to summer's warm and...

Wisconsin Photo Blogger - The Fall Palette

The fall palette

Just before the election is probably not the best time to post a photo essay. Then again if you (like me) try to tune out the final few days and just wait for the damn results, then this might be...