To Our Children's Children's Children

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SAUDI Arabia calls Qatar’s concern a declaration of war. In a nutshell, the concern is that citizens from Qatar, who wish to make the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, might not be guaranteed safe passage. Qatar – from which the acclaimed, often self-critical (or blasphemous, depending on whom you ask) Al Jazeera English news is broadcast -- calls Saudi Arabia’s response “fake news.”

Then you have Jerusalem's escalating Abrahamic tri-religious (Muslim, Jewish and Christian) violent dispute on Temple Mount, never mind a US-funded ghetto occupation of Palestine by Israel. Then you have the saber rattling of warships between Iran and the USA, never mind the nuclear saber-rattling between North Korea and the neighboring community, with China amassing troops at the border and America ready to pull a trigger. Let’s not forget ISIS in the region we destabilized by Kool-aid downing Bush jr’s oily concoction, along with a multi-tribal Syrian conflict that pits Russia with the US. Dictators are emerging all over the place, like Turkey, where for a while it seemed the tide was turning towards stability. The longest war in US history is still raging in Afghanistan. There are wars of all types and tribes in Africa, with the wealthiest in Russia, EU, China and the USA capitalizing on its resources, including human. Venezuela is on the verge of a civil war.

And that’s just the headline stuff, so let's take a pause to imagine a dream that can be.

China, as with Russia, has serious domestic issues with radicalized religious groups. Europe and America are embroiled in domestic crises over racism and nationalism. Meanwhile, more than since WW II, refugees of all types across the globe -- including the deserts in the US and Mexico -- are experiencing deep suffering. We have Trump and Putin in a lover’s quarrel, whilst top GOP's are licking their chops in anticipation of launching a self-gratifying theocracy.  And purely due to our ignoring fundamental laws of thermodynamics, we exist on a planet whose biosphere is crashing like nothing in 65 million years, thanks to an ongoing history of greedy behaviors (which can be a transformational oportunity, and this is the KEY, once we understand "The global climate change crisis [and all other anthrpogenic issues] as a trigger for transformation") 

Where is all this going?

For the sake of our children and their children's children it is imperative that enough Americans set aside petty storms in a teacup, and wake up to an important opportunity with next year’s congressional election. As a species and a newborn child, we are as fragile as a candle flame which we can choose to blow out, or as powerful as that same small flame which we choose to nurture into a brilliance...and boldly go where none have gone before.

To Our Children's Children's Children

Bent Lorentzen

Bent Lorentzen

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